What gift should you give to your best friend - a cat lover though?

If your best friend is a cat lover, and everything around her seems to be cat-only, what would you give her for her birthday?

You will be confused when you have to choose a birthday gift for your best friend. Don't worry though, because we're here to help. We offer 10 options for you to choose from, and you can rest assured that these are the options we choose according to the requirements of the cat lover.

Maneki Neko - Lucky cat

Maneki Neko cat is a symbol of luck and prosperity. So if you have the opportunity to come to Japan, do not miss this meaningful souvenir for your relatives and friends.

You can find these Maneki Neko cats at souvenir shops of all shapes and sizes, in both static and battery-powered, waving forms. The product has many prices in accordance with the needs of many customers.

Maneki Neko

If at the beginning of the year, you gave your best friend this cat, surely it would also be a blessing for his friend's business, always crowded and prosperous.

Pet Portrait Necklace

Whether she's a new cat mom or mourning the loss of her four-legging friend, this personalized necklace will keep her #1 pal close to her heart —  literally.  Simply, send in a pic of her cat along with its name or other important details, and let the makers get to work.

Pet portrait necklace

Custom Paw Print Ring

She'll want to wear this dainty ring everyday, especially since the custom paw print or nose print serves as a reminder of the cat she loves so much. Snap a picture of her cat's paw or nose (or zoom in on one of the many photos she's sent you over the years) and send it to this Etsy maker for a one-of-a-kind gift.

Custom Pet Photo Pillow

The only thing better than cuddling up with her pet is cuddling up with two of 'em. Turn her fur baby's picture into a custom-made pillow that she can keep on her couch, bed, or armchair for years to come. 

Shiro Cat Light

They can stick this USB-powered lamp on their nightstand, desk, or shelf to bring light and cat cheer to their space. Just tap its head to turn it on or off — no outlets, extension cords, or batteries required. 

Shiro cat light

Pet Portrait Keychain

Snap a picture of her cat the next time you visit, so you can customize this keychain, which comes in gold, silver, or rose gold. That way she can keep her favorite feline nearby even when she's far from home.

Pet Portrait Keychain

Cat Succulent Planter

What's one more cat? Add another feline to her family by gifting your cat lover this adorable planter, available in five sizes and 14 colors. Fill it with a faux plant or leave it empty, so she can decide what she wants to stick inside. 

Cat Succulent Planter

Cooking For Cats: The Healthy, Happy Way to Feed Your Cat

The way to their heart is through their (cat's) stomach ... right? While canned food and kibble gets the job done, this cat-centered cookbook will teach them new ways to use food they have in their pantry to make vet-approved meals and treats for their pets.

Cooking For Cats: The Healthy, Happy Way to Feed Your Cat

Vacuum robot

For cat lovers, removing the cat's fur every day is definitely a nightmare. What do you think about giving your friend a robot vacuum cleaner? Surely your friend will have to jump because she likes it.

Vacuum robot

Custom Cat Mom Mug

She's proud to be a cat mom, but this personalized coffee mug makes it even more official. Select from a list of color options and customizations for owners and cats alike, and then send along their names or any other details you'd like the Mumido maker to include and Voila, we have your back.

Personalized Cat Mug

And we give you another easier choice, is to select one of our available coffee mug with drawing and slogan for your Cat lover friend! It's all right here Personalized Mug - Every Snack You Make

It is very easy, isn't it? Now, you don't have to worry further of giving gifts to your friend!

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