Step by step instruction to have a personalized mug for Dog's mom!

As a dog lover, I am sure we all want things that remind us of pets anytime, anywhere.

So have you ever designed a Mug that when you look at it, you will feel so love of life, so happy and in your mind you will be filled with pictures of pets at home.

What's better than dog's mom when you go to work can still see the puppies without checking the camera. So do you know how to design a Mug on Mumido website yourself? Let me guide you step by step!

Step 1: Select the mug and handle.

There are usually 02 options for you to choose from. The mug is made of white porcelain, and you can choose between white or black handles.
All are your preferences! You like any color you can choose from that color mug cap.

Choosing mug's handle color and capacity

Step 2: Select the mug capacity

On the website there are 02 capacities for you to choose from. A mug with a capacity of 11oz or you can choose a mug with a larger capacity, 15oz. Whatever capacity you choose, it's fine.

The choice of drinking coffee with mug or drinking tea is also great. It doesn't matter what you drink but when you use the mug, the puppies will be what you see first, great right?

Step 3: Choose Your Number Of Dogs

How many dogs are your family own? Here you can choose 1 or 2. Unfortunately even if you want more, you don't have one. But hey, 2 is better than 1, right?

Step 4: Self-image

At this step, you can enjoy choosing your own reflection.
- First is your name: you can get your nickname or your real name.
- Choice of skin color: There are 04 options for you, from white skin tone to dark skin tone.
- Hairstyles selection: You can freely choose buns, tie or short hair, shoulder-length hair ... Even your hair color is a range of colors from platinum to black tone.

- Your clothes: There are a lot of style you can choose. But in this link, there is 1 style, Christmas's clothes.

Selecting yourself image

Step 5: Pet's name and type of your dogs

At this point, give your dogs a name. What are the names you often call puppies, please fill in here!

Your dogs will be delighted. You can see that there are two dogs in this link, you also can choose the type of breed. Is she a poodle or a golden retriever? Or is he a Shiba Inu? Are your little friends as smart and cute as well?

Selecting your pet name and type

Final step: Choose a slogan

This is the last and most important step. There are 03 options in this link for you to choose from;
- And she lived happily ever after
- Just a girl who loves books and dogs
- Life is better with books and dogs

Selecting slogan you like

These slogans are very good, right? What are you thinking in mind? In fact, if the provider has another option I would want to put all three of these slogans into the mug.

If you like another slogan, please check it out on the website. There are many good slogans waiting for you.

You see, the 6 steps you can take to design your own personalized mug is very simple, right? You can completely choose other concepts here!

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